Monthly Themes

July 2019: Ice Cream Truck: What's your flavor?



June 2019: H20


May 2019: Derby Days: Place your Bets!


APRIL 2019: Go, Girl... get outta town!

MARCH 2019: Spring Fling

Winter was nice... thank u, next! Ready for all things spring - like you know, color and a little green and showing a little skin? If so, you'll love our Spring Fling!


FEBRUARY 2019: Sugar Rush -- No sugar! No way! These sweet looks are sure to satisfy your style cravings! 


JANUARY 2019: Life in the City -- Travel on your bucket list, too?!? Well, even if you don't get to every city on our list... you can match your look with your wanderlust! 


NOVEMBER 2018:  Mega Stars in Music--Does your earrring style match your music style?


OCTOBER 2018:  Working Women-- Do you dress for your current job or your dream job? #work #cantstopme #imcoming

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